Healing balance

Healing Balance

Healing balance

Is a form of hands-on healing, such as Reiki, magnetizing and therapeutic touch. The energy can flow to where it is needed and this has an extraordinary healing power.

Healing Balance ensures that you can relax physically and mentally and strengthens the self-healing capacity of our body. You become calmer, clearer and often feel more vital and it never works only on the symptoms. With every treatment, the body and mind are treated together, which means that the underlying causes of the problem are often also addressed.

The way I work is by channeling the energy where it's needed. My job is that of a facilitator. This means that I am a channel through which the universe works, but ultimately you determine (through your intention and own consciousness) how your own process unfolds.

It often happens that my friends (guides) pass on messages and I will pass it on to You in turn. It flows as it flows.

Healing balance helps with:

Before the treatment:

You come with the right intention! You decide to what extent you are helped by the spiritual world. You keep your clothes on. Clothing is not an obstacle to receiving the energy. U neemt plaats bij mij op de behandeltafel.

If necessary: By placing my hands on various parts of the body (head, neck, abdomen, back, legs, knee, feet), the energy can flow through my hands into your body (or your child's).

Would you rather not be touched? Then let me know, because I can also hold my hands a few centimeters above your body.



Not reimbursed by the health insurer.


What is a medium

There are people with certain gifts. Gifts of seeing things that other people don't. A medium (clairvoyant) is an intermediary, a channel between the invisible and the physical. Also known as a clairvoyant. Clairvoyance also stands for pannormal vision, clairvoyance or clairvoyance.

A clairvoyant is someone who perceives enormous amounts of energies. Clairvoyants perceive people, things or events without sensory stimuli from outside. The light that psychics perceive is just outside our normal spectrum. Each clairvoyant sees just a different piece of light, so that each medium perceives different things.

How does a medium perceive?

A medium perceives a part of the present, past or future. He or she does this through a third eye, also called the mind's eye or sixth sense. The medium can see not only in the present, past and future, but also in the minds of other people. So a distinction is made, so clairvoyance in time (present, past and future), and clairvoyance in space (thoughts of others).

Clairvoyants: – See the future. Clairvoyants can foresee or foresee the future.
– Looking into the human body and thus determining the ailments of organs. Clairvoyants with this trait can looking at the body of a human being without equipment or an opening.
– Get symbols through. People can also get symbols.
– See entities (ghosts/angels), orbs, points of light, flashes of light, columns of light, lines, X-lines. These energies are very constant in our current reality and not in a parallel universe. Only these are not visible to the 'normal eye'.
– See auras, characters and emotional expressions in faces.
– See energetic or paranormal UFOs, space beings or nature beings
– Have the gift of communicating with the invisible, often referring to a deceased loved one. Information is passed on from helpers and/or the deceased. This transmission of messages can take various forms, from a light to a deep trance.

My experience as a medium

Over the years I have been developing my ability as a clairvoyant. When performed, this happens spontaneously and I get movements (spirits/deceased/angels), and symbols.

Until now I have allowed this to happen when the spirit world makes me aware of it. For some time now I have wanted to actively immerse myself in my mediumship, but that also means that I take a vulnerable position and want to develop further.

It means to me that I want to take on a greater responsibility to communicate what I see as accurately as possible. The time has come when I want to take this step and that is why I want to offer my mediumship services for free for the foreseeable future.

I do ask that you make use of this with serious intention.

If you would like to make an appointment, please send me an e-mail.